Rough Demos



Welcome to my little headspace. I'm Owen Nicholson, a singer songwriter from Bristol.

I have been writing music for a good five years now and after two albums it is time to admit it... I need some help. I have always struggled with the lyrics and after a couple of years trying to finish my third album have decided I need to try a new approach. I am very happy with the guitar and piano parts and I have been working on some live looping techniques which are working really well where I record and build up the songs in one take including playing loops backwards (check out Human and Know). I have loads of ideas for melodies and have recently had a bit of a breakthrouh with controlling the quality of my voice but the words are where I am stuck. I am now looking for someone to collaborate with. A lyricist, poet, a writer or just someone who is good with words

On the right are the songs that I am working on at the moment. I have recorded the music and have sung some of the melodies I have come up with (check out the "doobie doos"). Some of the recordings are instrumentals and some I have recorded initial lyrics but I am not precious about any of it. If you are good with words and interested in getting involved then please email me on and we can chat about how we can work together. Please get involved.